We are frequently asked questions so we have listed all the possible questions here with their answers below. These are for your convenience and feedback. Please read these before using our email feedback function.

1) What is your privacy policy?

You can see our full privacy policy here.

2) If you still have more questions?

If we haven’t answered your question, send us a message through our contact us form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

3) Do people really win?

Yes, they do! You can be a winner too. See our Winners Gallery.

4) What happen when I join Free Competitions?

5) What happens when I unsubscribe to Free Competitions?

6) How do I subscribe to or join Free Competitions?

7) How do I enter the competitions advertised?

Just click ‘ENTER NOW’ button and follow instruction on the linked page.

8) Is it free to join Free competitions?

Yes, it is completely free to join us.

9) I don’t want to subscribe to Free Competition. How else can I be updated?

You can always follow us on Twitter and add us on Facebook.